Application Management

A job advertisement, countless applications and many CVs, that do not match the advertised job profile. If the offer of applicants exceeds the personnel and time resources of your HR department, we are there for you. With our trained eye and a lot of experience, we take over the application management for your company.

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Support for recruiting

What are the advantages of outsourcing the application management?

  • Relieve the HR department
  • Save time and human resources
  • Shorten the application process
  • Ensure consistent communication with candidates

As external contacts, we shorten the time-consuming recruiting process and actively manage the application process from pre-employment screening to rejection management.

As part of application management, we identify the right candidates according to the criteria of your advertisement and provide you with a clear selection for personal interviews.

Our application management includes:

  • View all incoming applications and CVs.
  • Preliminary talks with applicants.
  • Clarification of salary assumptions and expectations.
  • Pre-selection of the best candidates.
  • Date coordination for interviews.
  • Professional rejection management
  • Overview of compliance with data protection guidelines
  • Active support for applicants

Application management

View all incoming applications and resumes.

Application management


Information on data protection declaration and obtaining consent for forwarding.



Pre-selection of the best candidates according to the criteria of the job advertisement.



Preliminary interviews with applicants

Clarification of salary assumptions and expectations

Appointment coordination for interviews

Contact person for applicants

Professional cancellation management



Submission of a clear selection of potential candidates for personal interviews.