Research Training

The search for suitable candidates is becoming increasingly complex for personnel consultations. This applies above all to direct search with which highly qualified personnel or new and replacement personnel are to be found discretely. With our research training for personnel consultancy, we show you how you can successfully meet these challenges and implement the direct search by yourself.

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Learn tools & methods
for direct search

The direct approach method complements traditional recruitment and is considered the supreme discipline in recruitment. In addition to the specialist knowledge, it also requires sensitivity, skill and the right attitude towards headhunting.

In our research training, we give you the right tool to efficiently design the direct search yourself. We show you how to identify potential contacts quickly and accurately and how to address them discreetly and professionally.

  • Find potential candidates & arouse interest
  • Increase response rate
  • Filling vacancies successfully
  • Build know-how in your own company

Direct Search is particularly suitable in industries with high demand and, at the same time, with limited supply of specialists, as well as when confidentiality of new or replacement appointments is required, in order to find the right candidate.

Modular research training for personnel consultancy

Our training courses are specially designed for researchers and in-house recruiters, who want to learn how to use the latest research tools. All modules can be combined individually.

We would be happy to put together a tailor-made workshop for you, designed to fulfill your requirements.

Module 1

  • The complete briefing
  • Development of the search strategy, finding target companies

Module 2

  • Develop cover stories and apply them correctly
  • Telephone identification of potential contacts
  • Difficult identifications - how do I overcome the reception?

Module 3

  • Optimization of the initial telephone and written address
  • Working out incentives for motivation
  • Possible stumbling situations on the first contact

Module 4

  • Active sourcing - direct search on the Internet with Google, Xing, LinkedIn etc.
  • Systematic desk research
  • Phone identification
  • Finding and applying keywords
  • Search strings

Module 5

  • Practical exercise
  • Develop cover stories and apply them correctly
  • Professional approach on potential candidates

Module 6

  • Legal background on poaching
  • What is allowed?
  • Illegal poaching
  • Legal consequences