About Us

Giacomelli Personal Research Solutions has been working successfully for companies and executive search consultancies since 2014. Our team consists of the owner and founder Birgit Giacomelli and cooperation partner Regine Marcian. We both have more than 15 years of experience in headhunting, personnel consulting and personnel search.

Executive Search with instinct

Experience, together with passion for the job - that is what defines our team. At Giacomelli Personal Research Solutions, we usually start working when others have already given up. Each search mandate is a new, interesting task that drives us.

We implement every project with the demand for the highest quality, professionalism and openness and focus on people. We move people - that takes trust. Because behind every contact there is a life, a family and an environment that changes with the change of the job. We handle this with the greatest responsibility and prudence.

Birgit Giacomelli

Founder and Owner / Management

Industry expertise:

Plant engineering, drive technology, automotive, aviation, construction, biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, energy, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, real estate, logistics, mechanical engineering, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, retail, etc.

„My customers call me "a professional in the industry" and value honesty, experience, adherence to deadlines, tact, passion for my job and the extra mile, that I go for them and for the candidates. I see it as a confirmation of the fact, that my customers feel they are in good hands, trust me and rely on me.“


1997-2000 Chladek Managementberatung,
Backoffice Management
2000-2005 VIP Consulting for Management OEG,
Project assistant
2005-2007 Neumann International,
Senior Researcher and Member of the Retail Practice Group
2007-2014 Iventa International Management Consulting GmbH,
Head of Research / Executive Search, Member of the Management Team / Executive Search
2014 Giacomelli Personal Research Solution
Founder and Owner / Management

Regine Marcian

Cooperation Partner

Industry expertise:

Automotive, construction, e-commerce, healthcare, industry, new business, real estate, retail etc.

„Customers appreciate my ability to identify he right type. I am enthusiastic about the contact and exchange with other people, as well as the opportunity to achieve positive things. I can help people who may be unhappy in their current position with new tasks and challenges. I act with full vigor in the interest of our customers, but also in that of the candidates. Appreciation, honesty and open communication are essential on both sides to successfully complete the common projects.“


2001-2011 Management Consulting Deloitte, Beyond, Amrop, MCP
Assistant to CEO / HR Management / Training / Recruiting
2011-2016 Main Association of Austrian Social Security
Project leader / Assistant in the General Directorate of Human Resources & Law
2016-2019 Eblinger & Partner Personal- und Managementberatungs GmbH
Head of Research / Executive Search
2019 Giacomelli Personal Research Solution
Cooperation Partner